End of 2017 Highlights

Happy new year everyone. The least I can say about 2017 is that it was amazing for the group, Here are the highlights of 2017: – Three admins joined us and really took things to new level, ...

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Developing your film at home, is that a better option?

So you started shooting analog again, or for the first time if you are not old enough, most probably you started by having your film developed at one of the few remaining labs in UAE (Click here ...

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Guideline for buying Film, Chemicals, and other Analog Photography Supplies in UAE

UAE is known of what is called “Shopping Tourism”, all kinds of shops are there where you can buy almost anything, except for Film. yes some shops still sell analog photography ...

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Where can you get your film developed and scanned in UAE

One of the most common questions posted in our group Face Book time line is where I can get my film developed and scanned, usually from new expats who just landed in UAE or someone you recently ...

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