End of 2017 Highlights

Happy new year everyone.
The least I can say about 2017 is that it was amazing for the group, Here are the highlights of 2017:
– Three admins joined us and really took things to new level, thank you Christopher Osborne, Bernhard Sperling, and Michael Glenister for the time you guys spend supporting this group.
– We had our first long-term photography project, Texture of the Creek and it is coming to its last stage, you can check out the images in this gallery: http://analogphotography.ae/gallery/
– We now have our own website, it is still under construction but it has the basic information for new members joining the group: http://analogphotography.ae
-The group is now close to crossing 600 members.

Now here are few of the most liked and commented photos, videos and posts on the group timeline till today:

  • Three most liked photos:

Photo by: Fahed Alshahman. HASSELBLAD 503 CW -50MM -TMAX 100 approx. 5min exposure (using 10 stops ND), developed with Pyrocat HD

Photo by: Jed Llamas Bacason. Satwa, 2017, 500 CM + Kodak Portra 400

Photo by: Arvind Madhu. Hasselblad 501c, Fuji pro 160 S, home developed and scanned

We also created an album of the group admins pics for pest pictures shared by group members here.

Thank you all for your support throughout last year and wish you all the best in 2018. Feel free to comment below with suggestions on how we can improve in 2018.


Abdalla Kroosh.

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