Where can you get your film developed and scanned in UAE

One of the most common questions posted in our group Face Book time line is where I can get my film developed and scanned, usually from new expats who just landed in UAE or someone you recently decided to join the analog photography world.

So you might want to start by checking the following article by GPP about the subject:


The following is a list of locations we know of in no particular order and will try to keep it up to date as we know of new locations opening or closing, hopefully more opening.

Please also make sure that you call before you go to any of the below mentioned locations to make sure the machine is working and confirm services and cost.

Dubai Options

1- Photo Fast near Crown Plaza:

Services:  35 and 120 C41 developing and scanning, they will do B&W but it is sent to other location and takes more than a week.

Telephone: 04 332 9800

Click here for Location

2- Photo Magic in Umm Al Sheif road:

Services: 35 color C41 developing and scanning.

Telephone: 04 394 0208

Click here for location

3- There is one small photo studio in Mall of Emirates next to juice corner opposite corridor of Carrefour. However, they take 7 days to process your order

Sharjah Options:

1- Filmoticon Space Lab, recently opened in Sharjah:

Link: https://www.facebook.com/pg/filmoticon/about/?ref=page_internal

Services: C41, E6 and B&W (110, 135, 120 and 4×4)

Email: filmoticon-spacelab@outlook.com

Abu Dhabi Options:

1- Al Jazeera studios – Salam St:

Services: 35 and 120 C41 developing and scanning

Telephone: 02 677 6471

Click here for location

2- Al Amal studio – Salam St behind KM trading:

Services: Call.

Telephone: 02 672 2716

Click here for location

3- AlHana studio Khalifa St. behind NBAD:

Services: Scanning only.

Telephone: 02 443 4641

Click here for location

4) Al Maha studio at back of Ahalia hospital Hamdan street:

Services: Call

Telephone: 02 626 0110

Click here for location

Finally, we appreciate everyone help by giving feed back regarding new openings or changes in the above listed locations.


Abdalla Kroosh.

10 comments on “Where can you get your film developed and scanned in UAE
  1. Devlin says:

    Hi Abdalla,
    Thanks for the info, I had no idea there were labs in Abu Dhabi. I’ve been developing and scanning my own for the last few years.
    I only just started learning to make wet prints. Do you know of any darkrooms in AUH?
    Cheers, Devlin.

    • admin says:

      Hi Devlin, Unfortunately I am not aware of any Dark rooms in Abu Dhabi, I had to make my own darkroom setup in a small bathroom in my house, its not that difficult, I may post about it next.

  2. devlin cook says:

    Hi Abdulla,

    Thanks for putting this together! I’ve been doing my own C-41 for the last few years as didn’t think there were any land left in AUH!

    Do you know if there are any darkrooms to do wet printing here? I’ve seen Tashkeel but Dubai is a bit far!



    • admin says:

      Hi Devlin, thanks for your comment, as far as i know Dubai is the closest place with a dark room to you, it is not easy for any business these days to maintain a space reserved to darkroom equipment if it is not at least covering its cost.
      Hopefully someone will read this someday and take the initiative, on the other hand our group is trying different options, one suggestion is to have printing sessions hosted by one of the admins at his place, i personally tried it once in Abu Dhabi but no one subscripted, i may do it again if someone is interested.



  3. devlin cook says:

    Well if you ever do another session, count me in!! I sticked up on photo paper the last time I was in the US. Film photography certainly seems to be enjoying a huge resurgence in the US and Europe. I’ve been following some really exciting projects on Kickstarter, 2018 will be a good year! I really hope we will get some more people involved. Good job with the blog, I look forward to reading your next post 🙂


  4. Kevin says:

    Hi, has anybody had any good/bad experience developing film with Al Jazeera studios on Salam St?

    I usually develop BW at home, but I have 2x COLOUR 120 rolls for an important project that I can’t afford to wreck, plus I don’t have C-41 chemicals.

  5. tap says:

    nice article. Thank you for posting information like this

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